New Sail Device for Ships Developed by Eco Marine Power

By: | June 27th, 2023

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New innovative sail devices can be used as a modification for rigid sails or used as a stand-alone energy-saving device.

Fukuoka, Japan – 27th June 2023 – After several years of research & development (R&D) Eco Marine Power (EMP) announced today that it has developed a new type of sail device for ships. This sail device known as a SailetTM (patent pending) can increase the propulsive forces created by EMP’s patented EnergySail® and can also be used as a stand-alone sail-assisted propulsion or energy-saving device. Additionally, it can be used as a modification to the EnergySail® so that this will be better protected during cargo operations and during storms.

Computational fluid dynamics-based (CFD) studies have also shown the orientation of this device can be adjusted to alter the forces on a sail thereby acting as a form of load control, especially when linked to the computer-based automation & control system that EMP has developed with several strategic partners.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study during development of Sailet
image source by Ecomarinepower

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study during the development of Sailet

Regarding the development of this latest energy-saving device, Greg Atkinson, President & Chief Technology Officer at Eco Marine Power commented, “Our focus at Eco Marine Power has consistently been on developing innovative energy saving & renewable energy-based solutions for ships. The Sailet is an example of this and also our continued focus on R&D and our work to expand our portfolio of patented designs.”

It is expected that the SailetTM will be ready for sea trials early in 2024 plus it will be incorporated into EMP’s rigid sail & solar power solution – Aquarius MRE® – which was granted Approval In Principle (AIP) by ClassNK (Japan) in 2021.

Impression of Aquarius MRE shown on future Eco Ship design concept
image source by Ecomarinepower

Impression of Aquarius MRE shown on future Eco Ship design concept

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