These New Colorless McDonald’s Uniforms Look About as Terrible as Their Food

By: | April 28th, 2017


What exactly McDonald’s is trying to achieve with their drab gray on gray uniforms remains to be seen, but they look horrendous.

It almost looks as if they are attempting to highlight a bleak future for fast food.

Designed by Waraire Boswell and Bindu Rivas, the uniforms look like something directly out of the Hunger Games where the districts can’t get their hands on any other fabrics.

Anyhow, McDonald’s had this to say about the uniforms:

“Our new collections focus on comfort, fit, functionality and contemporary professionalism, delivering a uniform that crew and managers will feel comfortable to work in and proud to wear,” Jez Langhorn, McDonald’s Senior Director of HR, said in a statement.

“Beyond that, it’s another step in the company’s continuous effort to raise the bar by investing in people and improving the restaurant experience with a focus on hospitality,” Langhorn added.


Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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