New Build-It-Yourself Car Is Ready To Roll In Under an Hour

By: | February 10th, 2014

Italian manufacturer OSVehicle has created a new open source car in “Tabby,” which allows users to build their own car and actually drive it in under an hour.

The Tabby resembles a go-kart, is capable of holding 2 to 4 passengers, and is compatible with electric, hybrid, and internal combustion engines.

The neatest part of Tabby is that OSVehicle has uploaded the design blueprints to its website and encourages new ideas and criticisms in order to make a better vehicle.

CEO of OSVehicle Francisco Liu said, “We saw a worldwide need for a common platform for the automotive industry. What better way than creating a community-based open-source framework that can be used to build any type of vehicle?”

The Tabby will cost between $5,350 an $8,000 and will be available in the spring of 2014.

The “Urban Tabby” is a more advanced design that meets legal guidelines to be driven on the streets of Europe, Asia, and the United States but no launch date has been announced.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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