Mobile Operating Theaters Put Life-Saving Medical Services on Wheels

By: | July 18th, 2014

Mobile Health Care Services a Growth Industry

Imagine having to transport a critically sick or injured person miles, tens of miles or hundreds of miles in a remote region of the world where roads may be dirt, gravel or barely a path to follow. Short of a helicopter, the next best way, according to the Johnson Medical Mobile Operating Theater and competitors, is to attach a standard-size domed operating cabin that’s 30-foot long and 10-foot wide to a truck.

Military operations around the world have long used mobile field hospitals to treat wounded warriors; now mobile field hospitals are proliferating to serve the special needs of people who don’t have access to “fixed” local hospitals.

Mobile Hospital & Surgical Units

These mobile operating theaters include all electrical services, mechanical services, such as a clean air ventilation system, medical gas, plumbing, operating table, surgical grade lighting, surgical equipment, etc. For more long-term use, the theaters can be attached to create a prep room attached to an induction room, attached to a scrub area, sterile store, etc.

Designing Mobile Theatres

The mobile theaters are designed with one-way windows to allow natural light in to help doctors deal with the small space, work stress and long hours. Mobile theaters have double-wall ventilation exhaust to reduce turbulence and increase cooling inside the operating area in hot climates.

There are a number of manufacturers of mobile operating theaters who cater to a vast variety of different situations, such as the need to temporarily expand the capacity of a hospital to deployment in areas hit by natural disasters.

Typical costs for a mobile theater start at about $200,000 and go up from there.

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