MASK Architects Designed the World’s First Houses with ‘3D-Printed Steel Exoskeleton’

By: | September 19th, 2021

Image courtesy: MASK Architects

MASK Architects have designed the world’s first steel 3D printed structure of modular houses. Architects have been inspired by the work of the artist ‘Costantino Nivola, especially the sculpture called the “La Madre”. The structure is designed for Nivola Museum’s visitors, Tourists, and Artists. These modular houses are located in Orani, in the city of Sardinia.

Architects wrote on the project’s webpage, “The site that we have situated our development on is a sloppy mountainside that will be transformed into staggered sections that will provide different levels for the modules to be situated in. Surrounded by natural scenery, we want our development to be self-sustainable working in harmony with nature,” 

Mask Architects are the first in the world to use a steel 3D-printed “exoskeleton” construction system. They did it using their new solution of construction technique which they called “exosteel”.

Following are some of its features:

  • Sardinia is known to have strong winds, so the houses are created to let wind pass through.
  • The houses are created to be “self-sustainable.” Working in harmony with nature, these houses can generate renewable energy for their use and also give back to the grid.
  • To provide renewable energy, each building is centered with an ‘Energy Tower’. The Energy Tower is covered with solar panels for harvesting solar energy. Moreover, the tower is also made to twist 360 degrees to power wind turbines.
  • Various technological instruments like smart cameras and fire detectors are also placed at the top of the tower. 
  • The project is called Madre Natura or Mother Nature in English. 
  • Surrounded by natural scenery, the buildings are made to be incorporated with nature. For encouraging the “natural inclination of the terrain and environment”, architects have not used stairs.


Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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