Mac Sales Figures Are Rising Due to The M1 Chip!

By: | June 29th, 2021

With the onset of COVID-19, Mac manufacturer Apple is still experiencing a great 2021–which saw their figures almost double at the beginning of the year!

Everybody who owns a MAC will tell you that they are happy to drop the price for it if they get their money’s worth. When they do, they will also tell you that they will never use another computer brand AGAIN!

Sadly, they ran into a spout of trouble when their MacBook Pro 15 performed poorly and also overheating at a much rapid pace than its predecessors. However, this made them all the more eager to use their own silicon.

What Does The Advancement Mean?

Not only will the designs do away with its monochrome exterior and boats with colorful new slates, but Apple also aims to transform its entire line to M1 chips towards the end of 2022, which is just over a year away!

This statement has left Windows manufacturer Intel foaming at the bit. After dominating the PC market since the 90s, more people might now be looking at investing in Mac laptops instead of PCs. You see, the M1 chip will be much faster than Intel’s current processing power!

Purchasing a new M-powered laptop is just as straightforward as buying a new iPhone. The iPhone has now come full circle to Steve Jobs’ vision for a  whole widget design. This means that instead of focusing on specs, Apple aims to focus on end-user experience.

The game-changers, so to speak, will be the gamers! Currently, the majority of games are not supported on Mac computers giving Windows a lead on this until Apple decides to tap into this market–which might be their biggest to date!

Don’t for one moment think that other competitors are going to take this lying down. Rival software company Microsoft are busy also developing their own chip, Intel has a newly-appointed CEO, and not to mention what the Intel-Nvidia partnership can bring!

It will be interesting to see if Apple will win the war and what Intel’s response to this looming threat will be!



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