Li-Fi 100 Times Faster Than Wi-Fi, To Revolutionize Cellphone Capabilities

By: | March 2nd, 2016


Li-Fi (Image Courtesy

With over 4 billion cellphones around the world today and exploding amounts of data, cellphones and other mobile devices need a new technology that allows them to handle these new levels of throughput.

Improving Mobile Connectivity With LEDs

Wireless industry source Mordor Intelligence estimates the global market for Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) bidirectional, high-speed, and networked wireless communications will reach $80 billion by 2021. Light Fidelity, a new light-based communication technology, has one big advantage other than speed: better security. The following image shows a “smart urban communication network” using Light Fidelity.


Li-Fi (Image Courtesy

Ultra-Fast Li-Fi Could Revolutionize Mobile Experience

According to the Scotsman, Apple is now experimenting with Light Fidelity for use in upcoming versions of the iPhone. According to MacWorld and other sources, references to Li-Fi technology were recently discovered in the code of the iOS mobile operating system.

Li-Fi in iPhones would allow speeds of up to 224 Gb per second, allow 18 high definition (HD) movies to be downloaded per second and provide a clearer signal than current phones.

The following video explains what Light Fidelity is.

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