LG’s ‘Real Folding Window’ Is As Hard As Glass But Flexible As Plastic

By: | September 9th, 2021

Image courtesy: LG Chem

Foldable phones have remained a niche luxury product so far. Only a couple of major smartphone manufacturers have launched folding phones.

Foldable phones may soon cease to be niche products

LG has developed a new material that can help make foldable phones a reality. LG Chem says that its new ‘Real Folding Window’ glass material is as hard as glass but has folding areas as flexible as plastic.

This ultra-thin glass can significantly improve the fold lines in the folding area of future foldable smartphones. LG Chem says the new outer film ‘Real Folding Window’ will solve the folding screen durability issues.

The revolutionary new material is just a few dozen micrometers thick.  When applied to both sides of a PET film, the coated film can be used as a cover material for the folding smartphone’s flexible display panel.

Engineers have tested this material with more than 200,000 folding actions, there was a very insignificant crease at the hinge.

We won’t have to wait for a smartphone with this technology, LG chem is heading for mass production next year and sales in 2023.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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