LG Unveils Flexible, Transparent, Rollable and Paper Thin TVs

By: | August 22nd, 2015

Photo by Max Harlynking on Unsplash

No more rickety TV stands or cabinets and expensive wall mounting of your flat screen TV on the wall. LG offers a couple of solutions:

Flexible Roll-Up TV That is Also Transparent

Recently, the South Korean electronics giant LG unveiled a paper thin, 18-inch television panel prototype that has over 1 million megapixels. The panel can be rolled up like a newspaper into a 3 cm radius, but the high definition display screen will not get damaged.

The flexible screen panel was made possible by its OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. OLED panels are made from organic materials that emit light when electricity passes through them.

Since OLED panels do not use a backlight, they are much thinner, lighter and flexible than standard LCD screens. This technology is already being used in Apple Watch and some high-end smartphones.

Ultrathin Wallpaper TV is as Thin as a Piece of Paper

Along with their flexible screens, LG also showed off a transparent ultrathin wallpaper TV. This 55 inch wide TV is less than 1mm thick and weighs just 4lbs (1.9kg). This light TV can be attached to a wall using a magnet mat. To remove this wallpaper TV from the wall, you just need to peel the screen off the mat.

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