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By: | June 16th, 2016

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Engineering is a broad multidisciplinary field dedicated to the design, development, construction, and evaluation of different structures and machines. To do their jobs effectively, engineers must have a background in math and science, and they should also have strong problem-solving and spatial skills.

Engineering students almost always major in a disciplinary subfield. Common majors include aerospace, civil, chemical, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical, and petroleum engineering.

Engineering students graduate with a marketable degree. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, engineering positions are projected to grow throughout the next decade, and the median salary in the field is nearly twice as high as the average job. While growth rates and salary projections vary between engineering disciplines, a degree in the field prepares all graduates for a rewarding and engaging career.

As online education opportunities have expanded in recent years, more and more students are pursuing their engineering degree online. Our guide below strives to help prospective distance learners evaluate their online engineering degree options. Read on to learn more about the various online engineering opportunities available.


Most engineering positions require students to earn a bachelor’s degree in the field. Students who graduate from a bachelor’s program may eventually earn their master’s degree or Ph.D. Graduate programs typically follow a specialized learning track, allowing students to concentrate their courses in a specific area of engineering, such as aerospace, biomedical, mechanical, computer hardware, or electrical engineering.

As the above data indicates, educational attainment correlates strongly with annual salary and unemployment rate. Students should carefully research their target field to determine which degree provides the best return-on-investment for them. Pursuing an engineering degree online can help students mitigate costs related to campus-based learning.


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