Kuvée Wants to Keep Your Opened Wine Tasting Fresh in Technologically Advanced Bottles

By: | May 18th, 2016


Wine has the property to react with air as soon as it is opened. It can only remain good for three to five days, and after that, people have to gulp down the tasteless liquid or throw it out. But not anymore!

Now, you do not have to worry about spoiling your favorite vintage wine. You can enjoy a glass or two of it after a long tiring day or after dinner, all by yourself, without even feeling guilty about wasting the rest of it.

A company known as Kuvée cares about your wine tasting experience and wants you to enjoy the refreshing and luxurious beverage as long as you want. For that purpose, the company has designed a device that will make your wine taste like a newly opened bottle for more than 30 days. The bottles they have produced restrict the entrance of air inside, and thus, keep the wine fresh.

When you open an ordinary wine bottle, the oxygen flows inside the bottle and extricates the gas in it. The wine absorbs the oxygen and reacts with the compounds that are responsible for its flavor and aroma. This oxidation completely modifies the chemical structure of phenolic compounds in the wine, making it tasteless and aroma free. However, the Kuvée bottles hinder the process of oxidization with its two-part system. This includes a hollow sheath and a sealed capsule, which is utilized for the purpose of pouring and storing wine. The appearance of the bottle with the capsule is similar to any other standard wine bottles. One of the chief technical officers for Kuvée, Ed Tekeian, commented on the design and said, “We wanted to have something that pours like a bottle of wine – versus a coffee maker that sits on your countertop.”

The procedure of filling a glass of Kuvée wine is simple. The step consists of the insertion of a canister in the bottle through the bottom hole. You can then fill your glass as you normally do. The sealing of the canister will take place once you are done pouring to stop the oxygen from entering for up to 30 days. Tekeian explained the size of the opening and said, “The Kuvée bottle is never truly open.” The hole is small enough that only 0.1 grams of oxygen enters while pouring the wine.

To test its efficiency, the research team of Kuvée tested the presence of oxygen and sulfur dioxide in the liquid after 30 days. Tekeian presented the result and said, “At the end of 30 days, the wine in a Kuvée bottle is similar in both chemical makeup and taste to wine that has been in a standard corked bottle for three days.”

There are 48 wines you can choose from in Kuvée, from 12 distinct wineries. These bottles also have a full-color screen on their exterior and are Wi-Fi enabled, which will assist you in stating your preference, giving feedback and suggestions, and much more. This device will be launched by the end of 2016.

Paul Cook

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