Industry Pioneer Introduces New All Terrain Powerboard

By: | December 4th, 2014

Powerboard Ungoverned_Scarpar-Vehicle

Powerboard Ungoverned_Scarpar-Vehicle (Image Courtesy

The world sees a lot of new technology everyday and it is not always this exciting.

Australian Dan Baldwin, inventor of the Scrapar (image below), has been developing prototypes for new powerboards and has just released videos of the latest prototype called Ungoverned.

Ungoverned (see video below), with a twin track drive, motors over sand, rocks, fallen branches, crosses creeks and climbs grassy hills. Baldwin calls his most recent prototype the “most robust, most compact, most versatile, most impressive, awesome terrain vehicle on the planet.” The current version runs on fossil fuels, but an electric version is in the works.

Ungoverned has a maximum speed of 18 mph (30 kph) in first gear and he hasn’t tested second gear yet. Baldwin is working to bring new prototypes to manufacture so stay tuned.


Scarpar-powerboard-testing (Image Courtesy

Click for more videos of Ungoverned.

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