Humans Flying Over 225 MPH Inches Above Trees And Cliffs (Video)

By: | May 31st, 2013

Humans beings have been jumping out of planes for decades and using skydiving wingsuits for nearly fifteen years.  Now humans are flying from the tops of mountains at speeds up to 226 mph just inches above trees and cliff faces. What’ll come next?

Origin of the Wingsuit

The Wingsuit was originally designed by Jari Kuosma of Finland and Robert Pecnik of Croatia for skydiving and consisted of wings and a parachute. Kuosma founded Bird-Man International in 1999 and the Wingsuit was offered to the skydiving public. In order to use a Wingsuit a skydiver must have a minimum experience of 200 skydives.

Called Wingsuit Base Jumping a small group of thrill seekers are on the cutting edge of a new type of flying. In the film to follow some of the most talented wing suit pilots in the world take flight from perches atop the European Alps.

 Wingsuit Records

  • Largest official Wingsuit formation: 68 jumpers (skydive)
  • Lagest unofficial Wingsuit formation: 100 jumpers (skydive)
  • Highest Jump in a Wingsuit: 21,780 feet from Meru Peak, India
  • Longest verified Wingsuit jump: 4.6 mils (7.5km)
  • Fastest Wingsuit speed reached: 226 mph (363km/h)
  • Longest duration Wingsuite Jump: 9 minutes, 6 seconds


In 2003 BASE jumpers began using Wingsuits to jump from mountain tops. The most popular jumping spots are in the European Alps. In 2010,10 people died WiSBASE jumping.

Jet-Powered Wingsuits

Since 2010 people have been experimenting with small jet engines strapped to the body. Recently Yves Rossy became the first person to move like an aircraft in a wingsuit.

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