5 Things to Know About Website Hosting (Especially if Your Company is Growing Fast)

By: | April 26th, 2023

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Every website needs an appropriate hosting package to provide the technical underpinnings for the user-facing elements.

While this is a technically complex aspect of running a site, it’s nevertheless one which you need to get to grips with. Fast-growing businesses are in a particularly precarious position in this regard, because the wrong hosting setup can cost you customers and tarnish your new-forged reputation.

With all that in mind, let’s dive in and check out a few must-know aspects of website hosting that will make it less taxing to decide on a suitable solution for your up and coming company.

Understand Your Website Hosting Needs

As your company grows, so too do the demands on its website hosting needs. It’s important to understand exactly what type of hosting best suits you and your business’s requirements.

 If you’re expecting a large amount of traffic or need secure systems for sensitive data, then enterprise-level hosting may be necessary.

On the other hand, if you have low amounts of traffic and are tight on budget constraints, shared hosting could be an ideal choice for cost savings.

Consider factors such as security protocols needed, scalability options required and uptime reliability when making your selection, as these are all key points that will help keep performance levels high, while minimizing costs associated with website maintenance down the line.

Enterprise Hosting Can Support High Traffic Sites

When your business is growing fast, it’s important to have a website hosting solution that can meet the increased demand from high volumes of web traffic.

As mentioned, enterprise-level hosting offers top-tier performance and reliability, which makes it the ideal choice for large companies, or those with sites expecting lots of visitors.

You’ll get access to multiple servers, so you can spread load times across them, as well as higher bandwidth capacity compared to lower tiers, thus helping ensure pages are delivered quickly without any disruption in service.

With enterprise hosting, you also get more control over how databases are managed and stored on separate servers too, bringing better uptime reliability levels even when under heavy loads.

You don’t have to get your hands dirty when using top tier packages like this, because with services like NameHero’s enterprise managed hosting available, you can leave all the legwork to the experts, while reaping the end results.

Consider Cloud Computing Options for Data Storage and Backups

During rapid periods of expansion, it’s necessary to consider cloud computing options when it comes to data storage and backups for your website.

The scalability benefits of the cloud make this an ideal choice for businesses that are expecting unpredictable spikes in traffic, or require large amounts of server resources on short notice. With cloud-powered infrastructures at your disposal, you can activate additional capacity at the drop of the hat, without being limited by on-site hardware setups.

You can also benefit from better security protocols, as well as automatic backup solutions which help protect against malicious attacks and outages due to hardware failure.

What’s more, you won’t need any additional IT staff members, since most maintenance tasks can be automated with a few clicks, saving time and money in the long run too.

Strengthen Security Through SSL Certificates and Encryption Protocols

We’ve touched on the role that website hosting plays in protecting your company from malicious intervention, and it’s worth considering the specifics of what an appropriate package should bring to the table in this respect.

To protect sensitive data from manipulation or costly cyber-attacks, you should invest in an SSL certificate, which helps encrypt all communications between a website and its visitors. Additionally, consider using encryption protocols such as TLS (Transport Layer Security) so that any web transactions are kept secure, while helping to prevent unauthorized access, as well as ensuring data integrity is maintained too.

These features of good hosting packages will give both customers and employees peace of mind, knowing their information is safe at all times, even when your site is faced with high volumes of traffic.

Maximize Efficiency With Automated Management Tools

If you do decide to take the reins of your website and wrangle the hardware on-site, or pay to control a specific server setup at a remote data center, then you need to maximize efficiency so you can stay on top of the influx of info and visitors alike.

To make this easier, look into automated management tools that help streamline processes such as setting up servers or performing backups, thus reducing the time spent dealing with tedious tasks.

These tools also come in handy for monitoring server performance, and will alert you if any issues arise, allowing you to quickly address them before they affect user experience.

The Bottom Line

As with any business resource, you need to research website hosting options closely before deciding, and also remember that it’s worth considering what type of package will suit your business not only today, but in the months and years to come as growth accelerates.


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