How to Stop Car Ramps from Sliding

By: | January 14th, 2020

Image Credit: U.S. Air Force

Car ramps are specialized loading equipment that provides access to the car body in any field and emergency conditions when it is impossible to use other loading equipment.

They are indispensable when the warehouse complex or terminal is not equipped with stationary ramps, as well as in cases when the access of freight vehicles to the warehouse is impossible.

Car Ramps: Types and Features

There are different types of car ramps, some of them are used only for unloading or loading goods, others let you unload several cars at the same time and so on.

There are ramps with and without strut support.

  • Mechanisms with supports put little pressure on the car body; therefore, they can be used for any type of goods transportation.
  • Unsupported structures such as the rhino ramps max put a lot of pressure on the body, but they are more mobile and easier to transport.

Three types of lifting mechanisms are set on the ramps.

  • A manual hydraulic drive does not require an electrical connection, but it requires two people to set it up.
  • The mechanical jack is also manually operated but requires a little less power.
  • The electric drive is easier to control but needs a stable connection to the network which limits its mobility.

The Advantages of Car Ramps

  • It is very mobile. It can be easily moved around the warehouse. At the same time, the flyover can be used on the street, outside the warehouse.
  • A ramp is very easy to manage; you do not need to have any special skills or knowledge. It is easy to operate and does not require additional care.
  • It is suitable for cases when it is not possible to use static ramps for unloading and loading. They are also perfect for working with small consignments and automatic loaders.

5 Ways to Prevent Ramps from Sliding

Car ramps often slip when are used to quickly and easily raise a vehicle. A lot of info can be checked on Sometimes, they even continue to slip when the tire pushes them forward. What is an easy/safe way to prevent them from slipping?

  1. Take a piece of duct tape and stick it to the edge of the ramp. Run it at 12 inches, then fold it and go back to the ramp. Attach it to the back of the ramp. When you slide down the ramp, the tape will be under the tire and the ramp will not slip.
  2. You can attach wooden corks to the floor with concrete bolts. Moreover, you can cut out the floor in a specific area or find a friend who will hold the coasters with a piece of wood.
  3. Use an old towel under the ramp so that your car runs over the towel first. Perhaps this is the cheapest, simplest and least destructive method. If the towel is still slipping when the front wheel is off the ground, you can use the load belt instead of the towel ‒ hook it onto the ramp, then put the belt on and move it.
  4. Kitchen shelves are also used often. Place a square of plywood on top. The rubber sheet prevents slipping, and the legs of the ramp cut into the wood just enough to impede its movement.
  5. If none of these options work for you, you can use strong pieces of wood and secure them against the wall to prevent them from moving.

Some of the distinctive features of car ramps are the ability to transport them to any place of loading/unloading of goods, ease of installation and operation, relatively low cost, and high reliability.


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