Hilton Hired To Design Suites and Sleeping Quarters for Space Station

By: | September 28th, 2022

An artist’s illustration of the Starlab private space station floating above Earth (Image by Nanoracks/Lockheed Martin/Voyager Space )

Although Space hotels seem like a sci-fi fantasy, they’re going to become a reality soon. Recently Hilton signed a contract with Voyager and Lockheed Martin to design astronaut facilities for the planned Starlab space station.  

Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta, said, “For decades, discoveries in space have been positively impacting life on Earth, and now Hilton will have an opportunity to use this unique environment to improve the guest experience wherever people travel,” 

Hospitality in space 

The hotel giant Hilton will design the crew accommodations aboard the commercial space station, Starlab. In addition to that, Hilton will also reimagine the station’s communal spaces to make extended stays in orbit more comfortable. Their main goal is to discover the concept of hospitality in space and check the opportunities for the marketing of the space station.

“Starlab will be more than just a destination, it will be an experience made infinitely more unique and artful with the Hilton team’s infusion of innovation, expertise, and global reach,” Dylan Taylor, Chairman and CEO, of Voyager Space, said in a press release. “Voyager and Hilton are acutely focused on creating innovative solutions for the future of humanity and this partnership opens new doors to what is possible for comfort-focused space exploration and habitation.”

Voyager and its operating company Nanoracks are developing the Starlab space station in partnership with Lockheed Martin. They were awarded $160 million in NASA funding in 2021 for this space station. If all goes well, they are hoping to launch the first Starlab space station as early as 2027.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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