High End “Sky Engineering” Pushes Boundaries of UAV and Single Seat Helicopters

By: | December 26th, 2013

From the International Robotics Exhibition (IRE) in Tokyo, November 2013

Hiroshima, Japan-based RC helicopter maker Hirobo debuted a prototype of its new HX-1 unmanned electric rescue helicopter, which will deliver food and medical supplies to hard to reach remote areas. The HX-1 is due to go into production in the fourth quarter, 2013,

IndustryTap wrote about Hirobo’s BIT copter: “Hirobo’s Futuristic One-Man Electric Helicopter.”  Now the company is preparing another manned personal electric micro helicopter for 2014. At the IRE, Hirobo also announced plans for a “manned” version of the HX-1 in the future.

Unmanned HX-1 Ambulance Rescue Helicopter

The HX-1 uses Hirobo’s IMU-05 altitude sensor to collect flight data needed for precise maneuvering and stability: angular rates, altitude, magnetic direction and acceleration. The helicopter is built to remain stable in rough weather conditions, such as those encountered during adverse events.

The HX-1 uses coaxial rotating blades, a brushless motor and has a range of 30 minutes or 30 miles and speeds up to 60 miles an hour. The first version of the HX-1 will cost $80,000. It will deliver relief supplies, conduct blood and organ runs and, of course, provide surveillance.

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