Hate camping on the cold and soggy ground? Try the Tree Tent

By: | March 12th, 2013

If you’ve ever camped on rocky or soggy ground, if you’ve ever worried about animals, crawling bugs, or reptiles visiting you while you sleep, or if you’re looking for the next big think in camping, you’ve been waiting for the Tentsile. This is easily the most innovative tent design yet devised. Setting it up is easier than it looks. There are a variety of possible configurations, depending upon the placement of the trees you have at your disposal.

Set it up as high or low as you want, and use the rope ladder to access the tent through a trap door in the center of the tent floor. It’s lighter and less cumbersome than a conventional tent, and you don’t need to find or create a clearing to set it up. With sizes that accommodate up to 5, 8, and 12 people, families can venture into almost any type of environment. And if you’re lucky enough to have suitable trees in your backyard, it makes the perfect treehouse. This unique shelter will likely enjoy a very long product lifecycle, unless of course levitating tents are just around the corner.

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Jeremy Helms

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