Google Being Googly By Naming Its Self-Driving Streets After Famous Movies, Characters, & Cars

By: | January 19th, 2016


What’s new?

Google is doing Google things, or being Googly as they like to say, by naming every street in the company’s self-driving car facility after famous movies, characters, and cars.

The facility, located in California at the former Castle Air Force Base, is key to the development of Google’s electric self-driving cars.

And while the vehicles max out at only 25 miles per hour, the company spiced things up with the street names below:

  • McFly Way
  • Gordon Grove Avenue
  • Fury Road
  • Toretto Way
  • McQueen Lane
  • Autobahn
  • General Lee Expressway
  • Lil’ Sebastian Lane
  • DeLorean Avenue
  • Eleanor Avenue
  • Kitt Road
  • Karr Road
  • Ecto Drive
  • Bigfoot Bypass
  • Bullitt Avenue
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