GGB Pushes the Envelope With New EP30 Material in its Engineered Plastics Line

By: | July 9th, 2018

GGB Bearing Technology

GGB’s engineered plastics products are world renowned thanks in large part to the company’s continuous desire to innovate in lieu of falling into the trap of complacency.

In order to better meet customer needs for applications ranging from water pumps and automotive interiors to hydrodynamic solutions, GGB has introduced its new EP™30 tribolological material, the latest addition to company’s light-weight engineered plastics product line.

EP™30 (GGB)

GGB’s EP™30 not only improves temperature resistance and damping effect to reduce noise amongst the company’s current engineered plastics offering, the material also provides the ideal combination of performance and price for a number of diverse applications. The ability to be made-to-order in a wide range of standard and custom shapes, as well as offering very good dry and good lubricated performance makes the EP™30 material a valuable option for applications such as office and sports equipment, automobiles, domestic appliances and chemical-processing equipment.

Paul Pathikal, VP of Strategy and Marketing at GGB, says, “We are very pleased to add the EP™30 tribological material to our portfolio, as we recognize the importance of creating materials to satisfy the increasing performance demands of our customers´ applications. To be a thought leader in the industry, we must actively develop new ideas by listening to our customers and identifying their needs.”

What’s not to be excited about? Check out the following characteristics of EP™30:

  • Good bushing performance in dry working conditions
  • Very good bushing performance in lubricated or marginally lubricated applications
  • Corrosion resistance in humid and saline environments
  • Very good price and weight performance ratio
  • Very good performance in elasto-hydrodynamic applications
  • Unlimited dimensions and design features within injection-molding tool
  • Compliance with EVL, WEEE and RoHS specifications

Download the GGB EP™30 datasheet here.

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