How 3D Virtual Tours Are Different From 360 Tours: Answering All The Questions

By: | May 15th, 2023

It’s no secret that selling property has become much easier with innovative visual technology. The Proptech industry made a tremendous leap from stitched Youtube presentations to fully immersive digital 3D visualization and panoramic tours. However, how can real estate agents get high-quality 3D virtual tours in the sea of copycats, and what actually is 3D? In this article, you’ll find answers to those questions, learn the benefits of implementing such an approach, and discover how 3D virtual tours for real estate by Visengine immerse viewers into the digital world.

What’s The 3D Virtual Tour, and How Are They Used?

A 3D virtual tour is an interactive walk-through of the listed property, whether for a ready-to-live space or an under-construction home. 3D tours are created using advanced technology that captures a three-dimensional image of the property or uses a detailed computer-generated image to provide an immersive experience and simulate the in-person tour.

From a technical viewpoint, virtual tours are simulations of real estate properties. To create 3D house tours, designers use special lenses,c cameras, and software, making sequences of various multimedia elements such as photos, videos, sound effects, texts, etc.

3D virtual tours are a digital tool real estate agents use to showcase listings and connect with potential buyers or sellers with no physical limitations. Unlike 2D visualizations, 3D technology allows viewers to explore every corner of the property at their own pace, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the layout, unique features, and overall feel of the space.

For real estate agencies, implementing 3D virtual tours in marketing strategy means empowering their business, generating more high-quality leads, improving sales numbers, and gaining a competitive edge over competitors. 

Is a 3D Virtual Tour Better Than a 360 Tour?

So what makes 3D tours stand out from 360 walk-throughs? The depth of the provided experience. A 360 tour offers a panoramic view of the property, exposing every angle. However, you can’t get the same level of immersion as from 3D virtual tours, meaning viewers can’t move through space, interact with objects or get a sense of dimensions.

Ultimately, for the customer experience, 3D virtual tours are the most obvious benefit-gaining choice. Yet, it’s more expensive and time-consuming to create than a regular 360 walkthrough.

Let’s say your budget allows you to invest in the cutting-edge technology of three-dimensional reality. Is there a way to combine 3D with a panoramic 360 tour? The answer is yes. Some top-leading companies, like Visengine, utilize both technologies to create out-of-this-world experiences of 360 3D virtual tours combining reality in fantasy into one.

Is It Worth Switching to 3D Virtual Tours: What Are The Benefits for Real Estate Agents?

Close-to-life 3D technology is not a cheap treat for the real estate business. Naturally, many agents are concerned about how beneficial it is to adopt a three-dimensional virtual tours approach. Here are some major advantages:

  1. Enhanced communication: 3D virtual tours offer buyers a comprehensive interactive presentation of the property they favor, reducing misunderstandings and quotations between agents and clients. With a clear understanding of the house, buyers are more likely to close the deal faster.
  2. Improved efficiency: Save your time and resources by reducing the need for in-person house tours. Such an approach allows you to extend your services for the international or out-of-state markets, follow up with several showcasing simultaneously, offer more options for buyers, and focus your energy on high-priority tasks.
  3. Increase under-construction sales: Channeling buyers’ imagination with 2D images and models is no more effective. Using CGI, 3D virtual tours highlight the best features and provide a personalized, immersive experience, stimulating the desire to buy. You can sell the place before it’s even built, leaving all parties satisfied.
  4. Wider exposure: 3D virtual tours are excellent for your marketing efforts. You can reach a wider audience, target the best-suited buyers, and even expand your business overseas. Using engaging and innovative tours increases your chances of finding the right buyer and boosts your sales.
  5. Better accessibility: Professionally-made 3D virtual tours are optimized for all devices, ensuring you can reach the target buyer, whether they’re house shopping from a phone or a laptop.
  6. Competitive edge: offering 360 3D virtual tours helps you to be one step ahead of the competitors by embracing your commitment to innovation and customer experience. Adopting cutting-edge technology builds a positive reputation for your real estate business in the industry, attracting more clients.
  7. Cost-effective solution: With a 3D virtual tour, you can reduce your in-person tour budget by saving money on travel, accommodations, and other expenses. Moreover, implementing innovative 360 3D tours in your marketing increases your return on investment and generates more profit. With more resources and time gained from online tours, you can find new ways to expand your services and focus on higher-rank business processes.

Besides all the mentioned-above benefits, keep in mind that buyers prefer to cooperate with real estate agencies who offer digital solutions. 3D virtual tours significantly reduce in-person showing, saving time for professionals and clients. Serious home buyers will faster make a decision and purchase a house from you if they have the option to house-shop from the comfort of their own home.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, 3D virtual tours are a powerful tool real estate agents can use to elevate the customer experience, boost sales, and guarantee out-of-this-world house-shopping journeys. Are you feel ready to empower your real estate business and add 3D virtual tours to your toolbox? Get in touch with a market-leading digital design team to create an immersive, realistic simulation that channels buyers’ fantasies and boosts their desire to buy! Don’t know where to start, explore what Visengne has to offer.


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