Garmin Gadget Set to Give Drivers a “Head Up”

By: | September 15th, 2013

GPS technology company Garmin has unveiled its new on-screen directions system for cars – the Head-Up Display (HUD). It is the first of its kind for the company, projecting directions from the dashboard onto the windscreen of the car via a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app.

While your phone sits atop your dashboard and is logged into the app, you can shine up your chosen directions in front of you for the journey ahead. The directions are projected onto a transparent film or a reflector lens that is placed on the windscreen.

“The HUD allows users to navigate their journeys more efficiently and safely,” says Dan Bartel, vice president of worldwide sales at Garmin, “as the driver can always maintain eyes on the road while checking directions, reducing driver distraction.”

The driver requires either the Garmin StreetPilot1 or NAVIGON smartphone apps to avail of the projections. Voiceover directions are also available to easily guide your journey with a built-in function to lower the volume of music or the radio when instructions need to be given.

“Head-up displays currently have their place in select high-end cars,” added Dan Bartel, “but HUD makes this technology available as an aftermarket accessory for any vehicle, at an affordable price.”

The HUD is scheduled to hit the market in October 2013. It’s expected to cost about $130 with the app coming in around $30.

Jonathan Keane

Irish journalist writing on business, tech and engineering.


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