Flying Career: 9 Honest Reasons You Should Join the Aviation Industry

By: | December 12th, 2022

A flying career in the US and around the world is a massive industry combined that offers a dynamic career. It may look daunting to adhere to the technical parts of the work nature, but the benefits and facilities you’ll get are worth it.

If you’re doing a BA, BSc, or MSC, there’s still an opportunity for you to pursue a potential career in the aviation industry. This article talks about nine honest reasons to join the aviation industry.

Let’s get your hands on it in the following.

1. It’s a Challenging Work Environment

Commercial or military aircraft industries ask for specific qualifications. Viva Air requirements, for instance, are very clear and concise about recruiting their flight attendants in terms of education and other qualifications.  

Due to cutting-edge technology and engineering systems, and work schedules, working in the aviation industry is challenging. It’s like constantly feeling the heat on your shoulder. Many youngsters love to take on these jobs. 

Work policies, procedures, regulations, work structure, etc., ensure that the employees are challenged in every sphere of their daily responsibilities. Speaking of challenges, the aviation industry poses certain life risks too. Jobs like rescue crew, crash fire responder, etc., have to go through overwhelming struggles to save lives while putting their own lives at risk.

Most of these situations are unpredictable, unforeseen, and unimaginable. So, you must be steadfast and highly tolerant of every kind of odd situation, accident, and emergency.

2. A Promising Lifestyle

Both commercial and military flights allow their employees to lead quality lifestyles. Employees there can receive pensions as well as discounts on products and services. There are also perks for them in airlines and MROs (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul).

A few facilities you can get from working in the aviation industry are as follows:

  • There will be free flights for you and your family all over the world.
  • You can enjoy short-term or long-term accommodation facilities throughout your career.
  • You’ll enjoy special bonus schemes.
  • Your family can accompany you when you’re on an assignment outside your country.
  • There might be multiple time-offs from your regular job responsibilities.

If you think you’re good with these benefits and lifestyle, look no further than the aviation jobs.

3. Aviation Is an Appealing Sector

Being a part of the aviation industry is a matter of sheer pride. Working in the aviation industry involves talent in engineering, mathematics, mechanical skills, etc. Hence, those avid in these fields are welcome to join the jobs in this industry.

The standards, regulations, and compliance this industry follows and maintains are among the most appealing reasons for thousands of young people across the globe to take on the flying career.

Moreover, for people who’re up for frequent trips around the world, the aviation industry is one the best places to offer jobs and positions, such as pilot, flight attendant, crew, flight paramedics, etc.

4. Tech-Based Revolutions Attract Young Minds

Both aviation and aerospace operate within the best technological environment, ensuring high-end precision and results for their goals. They deal with the latest industry 4.0 trends. It’s natural since engineering is a part of the modern technology which relates to almost every task of the aviation and aerospace fields.

Remember, the aviation industry isn’t just about adhering to advanced technology but rather a vast arena that adapts to the latest technological innovations with time. For instance, air mapping technology is paving the way for manned and unmanned aircraft nowadays.

Young minds are attracted to this particular aspect of this industry where they can utilize their skills and imagination to enhance flying compliances and innovations further. Since they’re supposed to get first-hand knowledge and experience in this field, the tech-nerds flock to this industry with utmost effort.

5. Strong Network-Building Opportunities

It’s universally true that aviation is a fast-paced industry. The exposure you can get by working in this sector is open and expansive. It doesn’t just uplift your career work-wise but pushes you to endless opportunities throughout your journey.

Making a solid network is easy by being a part of the aviation industry, as it takes you to places and helps you meet many people and cultures. If you’re a person who longs for a potential professional network besides aptly executing the assigned job, this is the field for you.

6. Commercial Aviation Is a Booming Industry

The aviation and airline industries should expand immensely in the next four to five years. The need for overseas work and the economic pull factor is drawing more people than ever to foreign countries for better lifestyles. This in turn ensures more flights, followed by meeting compliance requirements and loads of work.

Therefore, skilled people are required to join this industry now more than ever. The industry is booming with the potential of vast employment opportunities in several departments.

Many European and Asian countries are expanding their airport operations by broadening their runways to accommodate more international flights. They’re adding more terminals so local and international passengers can make smooth entries and departures.

Consequently, hundreds of job opportunities are on the rise to meet the compliance of the airline business, where skilled people are always welcome.

7. You’ll Enjoy Flexible Working Hours

One of the important reasons many people wish to join the aviation industry is its flexibility at work. There are multiple shifts you can avail to work as an employee in the airlines. The national air force may sound strict, but even this place has flexible working hours, which you can utilize with your supervisors’ approval.

Additionally, there’s a scope for a one-week on-and-off rota that permits you to spend time with your family, seek personal interests, going out for entertainment and refreshment. And most importantly, it’s all within your service contract with the company you’ll be working for.

In short, you don’t need to hang in there whether you want to work or not through hectic and stressful working hours. Instead, your employers will allow you to fit your work around your life to meet your personal needs.

8. A Dynamic Industry for the Youngsters

The aviation industry has adapted to almost everything, from engineering fundamentals to technological advancement. So, whenever someone mentions the commercial or military aircraft business, remember that it’s dynamic and ever-changing.

Since engineering and technology have evolved, the industry that delves into these two aspects has surely followed through. And from this point on, things will only look up.

Technological innovations like VR (virtual technology), AI (artificial intelligence), Green Aircrafts, etc., are rigorously adding to this arena. These are not just hype but applied techs that the young generation is eager to grab.

9. Accessible Ways to Start Your Career

You can start as low as apprenticeships in an airline company to kick off your career in the aviation industry. The scope of learning skills and expertise is vast, including space exploration, flight systems, aircraft engineering, etc.

The good news is that several institutions offer apprenticeships for pilots, mechanics, engineers, etc., offering required first-hand education and skills.

So, if you’re ambitious about joining the aviation industry, the paths are open to getting you started.

To Conclude

To be involved in the aviation industry, you must be curious and sincere about commercial, military, or space flights. However, your job responsibilities will vary depending on your education, skills, experience, and innate passion.

But, if you can manage to ace your education and the necessary diploma or post-graduation courses in time, things will be easier.

Also, as we’ve mentioned, aviation is a promising and dynamic field where your career will soar once you’re successfully a part of the big operation.


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