FireCast Predictive Analytics: Where Is The Next Fire Likely To Be?

By: | December 10th, 2014

IndustryTap has reported on the use of predictive analytics modeling that imagines and estimates when our civilization might collapse and under what conditions or when and where the next crime might occur. This approach is known as a data driven analysis and is gaining favor as computers become more powerful and more and more data is available.

Helping Firemen Save Lives & Property

We all know what the traditional job of the firemen was: wait for news that a fire is under way, sound an alarm, pile into a fire truck and race off and save and protect life and property. While this approach will stay mostly the same, keeping people and property safe will be augmented through the use of big data analytics.

New York City, with one million buildings and close to 3,000 serious fires a year, is now using predictive computer models and data mining to identify buildings that are most at risk for fire. Safety inspectors are sent to check on these buildings. Data that firemen have traditionally kept on paper in filing cabinets in fire stations about the condition and structure of buildings in their area are now being digitalized. This gives FireCast more information with which to make predictions about possible fires.

The variables that go into determining where a fire might break out include: how old the building is, number of elevators, age and condition of sprinkler systems, tenant occupation rate, and general income levels. A total of over 60 factors are taken into account in predicting which buildings are most at risk.

For more information and a video on how the New York City FireCast program works, visit FireCast: Leveraging Big Data for Mitigating Fire Risks

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