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By: | April 7th, 2017

Global Market Research

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Nearly everyone can name at least a couple of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, especially if they are automobile makers, computer manufacturing companies, mobile equipment makers or laptop manufacturing companies. And many can name a couple of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world.

But how about naming one of the top 10 stone crushing manufacturing companies in the world? Or how about naming the largest companies manufacturing construction and mining equipment? And maybe just one in 100 people could name one of the largest sauna manufacturing companies in the world. Where do we go to get the most accurate information on the world’s largest manufacturers?

Some argue that China, with its hundreds of thousands of manufacturing and tech-related companies, is now the world’s most competitive business environment. If true, and it most likely is, it is important for companies everywhere to be able to find good data on potential competitors.

One good source is Fortune’s Global 500. Another is Inside Market Data which awarded their top picks for 2016 (see below).

Inside Market Data’s 2016 Award Winners

  • Best Overall Data/Service Provider

Inside Market Data’s Inside Market Data Awards

  • Best Market Data Provider (Vendor)
  • Best Market Data Provider (Exchange)
    Intercontinental Exchange/ NYSE
  • Best Market Data Provider (Broker)
    Tullett Prebon Information
  • Best News Provider
    Thomson Reuters
  • Acquisition of the Year
    Intercontinental Exchange
  • Best New Data Product
  • Contract Win of the Year
    Symphony Communication Services
  • Best Real-Time Market Data Initiative (Vendor)
    OTC Markets Group
  • Most Innovative Market Data Project (Vendor)
  • Best Research Provider
  • Best Data Analytics Provider
  • Best Low-Latency Data/Technology Provider
  • Best Supporting Services Provider
    Jordan & Jordan
  • Best Big Data Analytics & Technology Provider
    AlphaSense, Inc.
  • Best Mobile Initiative
    Thomson Reuters
  • Best Market Data Newcomer (vendor or product)
    Wall Street Horizon

Inside Reference Data Awards

  • Best Reference Data Provider
    Thomson Reuters
  • Best Enterprise Data Management Vendor
  • Best Evaluated Prices Service Provider
    Interactive Data
  • Best Counterparty Data Provider
    S&P Global Market Intelligence
  • Best Corporate Actions Data Provider
    SIX Financial Information
  • Best Corporate Actions Vendor
  • Best Reference Data Integration Vendor
    Bloomberg PolarLake
  • Best Managed Service for Reference Data
    Rimes Technologies
  • Best Enterprise Data Management Initiative (Vendor)
  • Best Reference Data Initiative (Vendor)
  • Best Corporate Actions Data Initiative (Vendor)
    AIM Software
  • Best Reference Data Newcomer (vendor or product)
    Clarient Global LLC

The following video is from BCC, the “World’s Greatest Market Research Company”:

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