Fiik Electric Skateboards Pushing Limits Like Never Before

By: | April 14th, 2013

Dan and Matt Quinn, brothers from Australia have been engineering premium quality electric skateboards for years. Fiik boards come with lithium-polymer battery packs, anti-lock brakes, LED safety lights, and a stepless digital throttle. The company’s US headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida.

With nine distinct boards to choose from riding to the beach, going off road or plying hard surfaces for speed styling, Fiik has a board for you.

Big Daddy

With robust and long-lasting power Big Daddy glides over grass, cruises on hard beach sand and provides exceptional control, acceleration and speed. A pistol-grip wireless controller and a stepless digital throttle and try speed selector provide progressive control. Finally ABS braking with anti-lock, controller-activated and regenerative braking increases ride time.

Big Daddy has a deep concave deck for stability with an extra ply the near providing strength and flexibility. The long wheelbase, and an extremely high torque power plant provide maneuverability and performance.

The Rest of the Lineup

The remainder of the boards include: The Rager (optimum maneuverability), The Division (the ultimate in high performance street cruising), Street Surfer (a combination of power and agility for all-terrains), Pipe Master (designed for Junior riders looking for tight turns and a nimble wheelbase), Stinger (high performance classic shape longboard), The Shorty (Kiik’s all around high-performance board), The Grommet (a junior starter board with the shortest wheelbase in the Kiik range), Magic Carpet (another Junior board for featherweights who love carving and styling )and are technically designed for a wide range of uses and ages.

Form more information, videos and specs visit: Fiik Skateboards

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