Fiat Reports Drop In Earnings, But Maserati Sales Are Booming…

By: | July 30th, 2014

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Fiat reported second-quarter earnings today, of which Maserati and Ferrari were the only real bright spots.

Overall, Fiat experienced a drop in year-over-year profits, but their luxury division excelled.

Bloomberg’s Francesca Cinelli wrote, “Fiat’s luxury division, which includes the Maserati and Ferrari brands, posted a 58 percent jump in earnings while deliveries almost tripled.”

Ferrari is performing about the same in the United States as last year, but Maserati sales have exploded by a whopping 329% year-over-year through June.

Maserati hopes to capture more of the U.S. market share moving forward as the company continues to expand its offering of vehicles.

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