Fake Chinese Cars the Latest Rip-Off of Western Civilization

By: | February 25th, 2017

Recent news out of China suggests that the country and its people strongly believe they have given so much to the world in terms of inventions and culture that using foreign technology recently invented is entirely appropriate and justified. Those in the West who promote the protection of intellectual property as THE way of doing business, the story goes, are naïve about the speed or pace of technological change. The Chinese technology crucible, where new technologies are forged in cities like Shenzen, is simply too strong of a juggernaut to be slowed up by arcane intellectual property rules.

There may be plenty of companies and business people in the US that believe intellectual property is important and should be defended. But there are at least as many people/businesses who are making money hand over fist by reselling Chinese made products that are ripoffs of US products. One wonders how many millionaires have been created through the sale of fake Chinese products in the US.

We’ve all heard about and seen products on Amazon and other websites that claim to be “real” but turned out to be Chinese copies. This, seemingly, has been going on for decades. Now the Chinese are copying global car brands and selling them at one-third the price. Acidcow.com has created a gallery of 32 pictures showing Rolls-Royce, Hummer, Toyota Rav4, Mercedes vans, and many other ripoffs of foreign products.

As far as legitimate cars go, China has begun making plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). Some of these have been manufactured by native carmakers or in foreign joint ventures. Recently, Chinese automaker GAC, a state-owned automaker, introduced three new vehicles in Detroit: EnSpirit Hybrid, GS7 Crossover, and GE3 EV. The company is expected to soon begin manufacturing cars in Mexico.

Following is a video, “Fake Roles Royce Chinese Copy of the Phantom.”

David Russell Schilling

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