Fabien Cousteau Just Spent a Record Breaking 31 Days Underwater… Eclipsing His Grandfather’s Record!

By: | July 2nd, 2014


Fabien Cousteau, 46 years old, set the world record for the longest stay inside an underwater habitat earlier this week, emerging from the waters off the Florida Keys after a remarkable 31-day stay in the ocean.

Cousteau lived with documentary filmmakers and scientists in the Aquarius habitat located approximately 63 feet beneath the surface of the ocean.

Located near the deep coral reef in the Florida Keys, the 43-foot-long habitat housing Cousteau and his team was equipped with wireless internet access, air conditioning, a bathroom, a shower, six bunks, and of course 24-hour viewing areas of marine life all around them.

Fabien’s grandfather, famed French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, held the previous record for living underwater, who in 1963 spent 30 days in a similar vessel in depths of about 30 feet (9 meters) in the Red Sea.

While the mission was successful, an air conditioning malfunction almost ended the project when the habitat got up to 95 degrees and 95 percent humidity one night!

Luckily, the team was able to persevere, fix the air conditioning, and set the record Tuesday morning.

Marshall Smith

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