Elon Musk Declares MIT the Winner of His Hyperloop Design Competition

By: | February 8th, 2016

Last year, we documented the fact that Elon Musk would be holding a Hyperloop design competition.

The competition had been ongoing until this past weekend when Musk declared MIT the winner of the Hyperloop design competition at Texas A&M University.

Runner up was Delft University of Technology from The Netherlands, followed by the University of Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, and the University of California.

The MIT team’s goal in creating its prototype was “to demonstrate high speed, low drag levitation technology,” according to their website.

Specs of the Hyperloop pod, with construction expected to commence in April:

  • 550-pound pod
  • 250 mph max speed
  • Designed to accelerate at 2.4G
Michael Cooney

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