Elon Musk Believes 160 Million of Tesla’s New Powerpacks Could Power the Entire United States

By: | May 4th, 2015

Elon Musk has finally revealed Tesla’s Powerwall home battery system, available in a 10 kWh version for $3,500 or a 7 kWh model for $3,000.

The system, which is approximately three feet by four feet in size and six inches thick, is connected to the internet, and also incorporates heat management.

With its ability to have internet access, the Powerwall home battery system can be used to create “smart microgrids”, according to Musk, essentially allowing a home to go off the power grid completely, at times.

“The whole thing is a system that just works,” said Musk.

The next step up is Tesla’s “infinitely scalable system,” called Powerpack, which Musk believes can work for businesses, in industrial applications, and even public utility companies.

“Our goal here is to change the way the world uses energy at an extreme scale,” he said.

Powerpack is available in 100 kWh battery blocks capable of scaling from 500 kWH all the way up to 10 MWh and higher.

By Elon’s calculations, 160 million Powerpacks could power the United States, and 2 billion could power the world…


Marshall Smith

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