Electronic Sticky Notes on Thin, Flexible Solar Cells are the Future!

By: | October 10th, 2016

YouTube/Tobias Große-Puppendahl

I’ll be honest. Part of me knows it’s 2016 and time we do away with paper sticky notes, but the other part of me uses paper sticky notes all the time and doesn’t have a gripe with them.

Regardless, researcher Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl has developed electronic sticky notes which are essentially e-ink displays on thin, flexible solar cells.

Not to mention, the electronic sticky notes harvest the energy they need to work solely on indoor ambient lighting for ultimate office efficiency.

In addition, a Bluetooth low-energy chip inside of the electronic sticky notes enable simple wireless updates of the notes through a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Since the notes rely on indoor ambient lighting, their displays are actually low-res e-ink displays, meaning they pretty much display block-like characters similar to Minecraft.

However, it’s a start, and is an extremely practical idea that will only get better with time, hopefully to the point where the electronic sticky notes resemble a Kindle but in a smaller package.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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