Electric Baseball Hat Could Help Reverse Baldness

By: | September 22nd, 2019

Image courtesy: University of Wisconsin–Madison

In a revolutionary research, Researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison developed the most sophisticated and high tech baseball cap that could provide a lasting solution to men going bald.

Xudong Wang and his team of researchers have developed a wireless patch that sticks to the scalp and generates electric pulses by harnessing energy from random body movements.

Painless, low-cost hair-growth-stimulating technology

Present treatments for the treating hair loss include minoxidil lotion, finasteride pills or hair transplant surgery. Surgery is painful and expensive and minoxidil has its side effects. However this new technique is noninvasive and is inexpensive hair-growth-stimulating technology.

Wang said, “It’s a self-activated system, very simple and easy to use,”

“The energy is very low so it will cause minimal side effects.”

Scientists successfully tested this electric patch on bald mice that were either shaved or bald due to genetic reasons. 

Best part is, in all those experiments, patch worked as was expected by Wang and his team. It worked better than existing baldness treatments.

Wang also tested the baseball cap on his balding father. According to Wang, “It helped him to grow a lot of new hairs after one month,”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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