ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices): Compliance and Benefits

By: | December 19th, 2023

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Electronic logging devices have become mandatory for most commercial trucks. Known as ELDs, they digitize many processes such as automatically recording hours of service while capturing data on the vehicle and miles driven.

ELDs also keep both truck drivers and dispatchers informed in real-time to stay in compliance. If any operator has eight days or more worth of duty status logs out of a period of 30 days, they must have an ELD. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration allows some exemptions for drivers who do not need to keep a record of duty status. Exemptions are also in place for vehicles older than the model year 2000 and for driveaway-towaway drivers when the vehicle driven is part of a shipment.

Before getting on the road, you should check to see if electronic devices are required in your situation. Even if they aren’t, they provide great benefits to trucking companies and drivers alike.

How ELDs Benefit Truck Drivers

Owner-operators and those managing large fleets find that electronic logging devices help make the job easier in numerous ways.

Reduces Paperwork

Even though truckers spend most of their time on the road, a great deal of time is also spent on paperwork. ELDs automate these processes, meaning that you will no longer need to fill out logs and reports.

Faster and Easier Inspections

Since everything is automatically recorded on ELDs, it eliminates the need to sift through handwritten logs and paperwork for errors or violations. The data is kept in one place, allowing DOT officers to perform inspections quickly and easily, resulting in you getting back on the road with less hassle.

Reduces Costly Errors

Any time that you need to manually log something on paper, it’s easy to accidentally write the wrong time or location. Small mistakes like this can result in big trouble when you need to conduct IFTA reporting. You will save money by always having your totals done correctly.

Dispatchers Can Keep Better Track of the Fleet

Electronic logging devices have made it easier for dispatchers to help you when trouble comes your way. If your truck breaks down or you get into an accident, they will know how to direct help to your location.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Late deliveries are one way to agitate your customers. While delays on the road may sometimes be inevitable, an ELD can be incredibly helpful in these situations. With your electronic logging device, it can provide dispatch with accurate information about your current location as well as the expected time of arrival.

Advanced and Enhanced Benefits of ELDs

An electronic logging device can go beyond all these benefits to help with vehicle inspection reporting, fuel usage monitoring, engine fault reporting, scanning invoices and receipts, and increased productivity and efficiency for your fleet.

Essentially, it puts your entire trucking business in the palm of your hand. Since it reduces errors in reporting and streamlines multiple processes, you’ll run into fewer obstacles when you use this technology in your trucking company.


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