Egloo is an Easy-Use, Cheap, Candle-Powered Heater for Domestic Use

By: | March 2nd, 2017


Egloo is an easy-use, cheap, candle-powered heater for domestic use, realized in terra-cotta and entirely produced in Italy!

Egloo is a design object thought to be beautiful at any time; it embellishes the house both when in use and when not.

With Egloo you have the convenience of being able to move the source of heat exactly where you need it most, for example near the table where you study or next to the couch while watching your favorite movies.

The product is created to warm average rooms up with a very restrained cost.
A complete refill of Egloo warms your room up for 5 hours for less than 10 cents, for a monthly cost of a few euros.

Egloo is a handmade product entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, and it is available in 4 different models: natural, colored, glazed, and textured, and available in many colors.

Additionally, if you use scented candles, you can also perfume your house!

We have sold Egloo for years around the world, and the satisfaction of our customers is the best gift that we receive every day!!

What is Egloo?

Egloo is conceived for contrasting continuous waste of electricity used for warming domestic rooms, offering, as an option, a candle-powered way that provides a cheaper and more ecological energy, taking advantage of features of terra-cotta that stores the heat and slowly and gradually releases it by radiation, even after it blows out.

How to Use It

Using Egloo is simple. It takes only the positioning of the tree candles(D) on the base (E) and the insertion of the grill (B) on which the small dome(A) and the big dome(C) must be placed. After only five minutes, Egloo is ready.

Behind the Egloo project is a team that works with passion, focusing on quality and that strongly believes that “Anyone who dares wins.”

You can find all the information that you need on our e-commerce website:

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