Double Ball Bearing Technology Enables Bolt to Withstand Over 5,000 Rotations

By: | November 3rd, 2015

Double Ball Bearing

Double Ball Bearing

Whenever you are working with heavy loads, safety is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to high working load limits (WLL) potentially compromising the mounting bolt stability.

RUD Chain’s new ICE-LBG-SR Hoist Ring features advanced double ball bearing technology, which enables a rotation movement without jerks that prevents bolts from loosening and unintentional slacking of the fastening bolt.

In addition to a double SR ball bearing that allows for 360° rotation in all directions under load, the ICE-bolt represents a new method to safely lift in a “rotating way” thanks to a revolutionary mechanical characteristic called Super Rotation.


The ICE-bolts are made of fine grain steel that guarantees a high static and dynamic strength with the smallest bolt diameter. They have a clearly marked lifting point with the minimum WLL for all loading directions as well.

For user safety, patented markings indicate when the product is no longer suitable for service, an extremely helpful design feature for industrial companies.

Safety is paramount across all RUD products, and the ICE-LBG-SR is a great example of this.

RUD Chain developed the ICE-Bolt to replace all common bolts, meaning:

  • Increased WLL with thinner bolt diameters
  • Use with low temperatures up to -60 °C (-76° F)
  • Increased toughness and thus increased bending strength, less wear, and increased insensitivity versus hydrogen embrittlement

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