An In-Depth Look at How to Choose the Correct Ball Valve

By: | May 6th, 2015

Articulated sturdily to operate the channelization of liquid particles, ball valves have come a long way in terms of popularity. Developed from exceptional quality hard chrome plated 316SS and electroless nickel plating, these valves are designed to bear extreme temperatures in industrial production. Indeed, its popularity has grown with the advent of Teflon seals that help to control liquid flow.

It is necessary to see that the Ball Valve is of high quality; otherwise, the effects of negligence on a quality part can be catastrophic. They are equipped with a hydraulic actuator, which is adept at making the valves powerful in terms of bearing high amounts of pressure. It is their high-functional ability that has made them an instant hit in the commercial sector.

Generally, the ball valves are unique in design and are adept at controlling an essential variety of fluids. Indeed, this device has been christened because of a ball-shaped disc present inside the body of this device. With so many valves present in the market, the task is really difficult. There are certain factors that can be considered while buying the most suitable Ball Valve:

  1. The individuality of the Ball Valve can be identified through a hole in the ball positioned within the valve’s body, which allows straight and constant flow of water. It is the unique design of this valve that makes it identifiable without a doubt.
  2. In terms of selecting the valve, it is essential to check its weight. The ball valves are exceptionally light and durable, which makes them unique in the hoard of other valves and playing significant roles in various sectors.
  3. It is necessary to determine the amount of pressure that has to pass from the valve purchase, which will adjudicate the size of the Ball Valve needed. After all, it is necessary for the valve to handle the pressure of the liquid flow.
  4. In order to choose the right Ball Valve, identifying the pressure level is also imperative because it will help in selecting the specialized valve with the material involved. Ideally, Ball Valves are available in stainless steel, ceramic and even PVC for accentuating different types of liquid flow.
  5. When it comes to selecting the Ball Valves, characterizing its usage is extremely important because specialized valves are available for the chemical industry or radioactive waste management and much more. One cannot take the risk of using any Ball Valve for ideating the flow of special liquids.

Indeed, valves have an important part of holding pipes in a firm manner and necessitating proper flow of liquids. This mandates for selecting them carefully to prevent any leakage, followed by disastrous results. In this concern, it is necessary to identify the usage for which valves are needed that will manage the functional aspect of the entire structure.

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