Could Nuclear Power be the Answer to the Climate Change Problem?

By: | February 20th, 2020

Image by Markus Distelrath from Pixabay

As climate change problems become bigger, more evident, and more severe at an increasing rate, politicians continue to postpone drastic measures and all industry sectors keep on caring only about their profits. At the same time, engineers are working on new methods to help extract large amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, as this is what pushes the temperature higher and higher. Still, we are yet to find a feasible way to capture 1 trillion tons of these gasses in time, and to do it in an environmentally-friendly way too.

Some are focusing on achieving “net zero”, falsely thinking that this would stop the overheating of the planet. Others place all their hopes in finding an effective and efficient method to capture CO2, but everything right now is still drafts on papers. Even if we had a system ready, it would undoubtedly require humongous amounts of energy in order to help us capture all these gasses. Naturally, people turn to renewables to find an answer to this problem, forgetting the carbon footprint that this method would have on the environment.

A few people though are voicing a different opinion, claiming that Nuclear power is still the definitive answer to humanity’s problems. That is especially today, when we’re looking for an energy source that will have zero carbon footprint and will be essentially endless. Nuclear power can deliver all that, and help us clear our atmosphere without burdening it with additional pollutants.

Building state of the art, secure, safe, and highly efficient nuclear power generators would be the absolute best method to power up whatever greenhouse gas capturing systems we can develop in the following years, and we need to do it before the doomsday clock counts another minute. The various nuclear plant accidents that have managed to solidify a bad image inside people’s minds were all due to negligence and not by any means intrinsic to the technology. Nuclear energy is not just an answer to climate change, it’s probably the only answer to it. 

Bill Toulas

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