Common Signs That Your Crane Needs Repair

By: | February 16th, 2022

Cranes are valuable equipment in the industrial, construction, and engineering departments. They move bulk materials faster, more conveniently, and safer. These machines are sturdy. However, regular use, exposure to elements, and other factors could also break down or have issues needing repair.

It’s recommended that you check the crane regularly before and after use. Besides the daily check, it’s also ideal to have it thoroughly inspected by an expert at least once a year. Proper maintenance helps ensure that the crane functions efficiently and lasts longer. It’s also vital that you are familiar with the signs of damage, so you can get repair assistance right away and prevent the issue from getting worse. Below are some signs that your crane may need professional repair service.

Corroded parts

Corrosion is one of the most common problems you may face with your crane, especially if you operate near the ocean or somewhere wet. A small, corroded part may seem harmless, but do not take this for granted. Instead, act on it right away and have a more thorough inspection because it could be a sign of more corroded parts that you may not easily see. In addition, it could cause more severe problems, such as instability on the electrical components.

Worn out or broken parts

Some parts could break in the long run due to regular wear and tear. Failure to fix or replace them could cause unwanted accidents that could injure people or damage things around the site. It could also worsen the condition of the crane, which may result in higher expenses. Crane manufacturers and sellers like also offer repair services and parts replacement. You can go to them for these services as they specialize in this area.

Dry slings or ropes

The constant force and temperature change can cause damage to various parts of the crane, including the slings and ropes. They need lubrication for a smoother and more efficient performance. Without this, these parts could get dry and eventually break. If the slings and ropes look dry or damaged, repair or replace them.

Worn pads

Pads protect the main parts of the crane, ensuring they do not receive too much force. They also help make the movement of these parts smoother. However, since they directly get the force, they quickly wear out, so be sure to check them and replace them as needed. Besides checking the physical condition of the pads, another sign that tells they are worn out are noises coming from the components when the crane is in use.

Cracked or bent hooks 

Hooks are typically bent. However, having too much load or moving incorrectly can cause them to bend improperly. If you see that the hook of your crane is not bent as it used to, have it fixed right away to ensure that it will work safely as designed.

Damaged chain links

Since the chains carry heavy loads, they could crack or break after some time. Get chain repair or replacement right away as soon as you see cracks or damage.

Check the crane regularly and if you see any sign of a problem, do something right away to rectify it. It will ensure safe operation and the longevity of the crane’s life.


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