Colorado Makes History with Landmark ‘Right to Repair’ Bill

By: | May 22nd, 2023

Colorado just went down in history as the first state in the US that enables farmers to fix their tractors in compliance with a new ‘right to repair’ bill.

A new bill passed on Tuesday ultimately unlocked the farmers’ right to repair their tractors. Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed the bill into law, making Colorado the first US state to give farmers the right to repair their equipment.

The law requires manufacturers to provide farmers or independent repair shops with the necessary parts, software, tools, and documentation to repair agricultural equipment.

Governor Polis called the bipartisan bill sensible and stated that it would prevent unnecessary delays in equipment repairs. He added that farmers and ranchers can face significant losses when repairs are stalled due to long turnaround times for manufacturers and dealers, but this law would change that.

Farmers in the US are unable to fix their tractors due to the proprietary software and digital rights management (DRM) implemented by manufacturers. This software controls and monitors the equipment, preventing unauthorized repairs or modifications.

While manufacturers argue that it protects their intellectual property and ensures safety, farmers and advocates argue that it limits their ability to repair their own equipment.

Several states have proposed ‘Right to Repair’ laws to provide access to repair information and diagnostic tools to independent repair shops and individuals. But the issue remains controversial with the ongoing debate about protecting intellectual property and the right to repair.

Manufacturing company John Deere opposed Colorado’s new law, stating that it was unnecessary and could bring unwanted consequences. As the world’s leading agricultural machinery company, John Deere has faced criticism for violating open-source licenses and denying customers access to repair manuals and tools.

According to Brianna Titone, the Colorado Democratic Representative who sponsored the bill, the bill will lay the groundwork that encourages other states to follow. Despite John Deere’s claims that the law will cause chaos, Titone argues that it will promote fairness and competition, ultimately benefiting farmers and independent repair services.


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