Use this Amazing Trick to Free Up Space on Your iPhone Without Deleting Any Photos, Music, or Apps

By: | May 4th, 2016

There is good news for any iPhone or iPad owners who usually face the problem of running out of storage space. Now you can easily and quickly free up space on your iPhone without deleting any apps, music, or photos.

The unbelievably easy tip was first discovered by a Reddit user. Reddit user eavesdroppingyou said, “I have an iPhone with 16GB so I’m always dealing with low storage. A trick I do to get back some storage is to try to ‘rent’ a movie with a big file size.”

Following are the steps you need to follow to get the free space:

  • Go into the iTunes store and search for a film with a large file size like “Lord of the Rings” to rent.
  • Be careful, the selected film must be of bigger file size than the amount of space left on your phone. Otherwise, you may be charged for the film.
  • After that Click ‘Rent’ and a pop-up will appear on the screen saying there is not enough storage.
  • Simply hit OK and then go back to your settings, you will see your available storage space has increased.
  • You can run this trick multiple times to increase the storage each and every time.

How does it work?

When the phone tries to make room for the movie, it cleans installed apps to remove data, cookies and histories which are not required.

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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