Chipotle Experimenting With 3D Printing to Combat Overstuffed Burrito Practices

By: | October 18th, 2015


Yep. You read that title right…

One of society’s worst fears has come true in that Chipotle is starting to do something about all of those monstrous burritos you finagle your way into getting.

Everyone’s done it, and in my experience, as long as the servers you’re dealing with care about mankind, they don’t mind giving you a little bit extra of everything in order to roll up a tortilla stuffed to the brim with ultimate deliciousness.

Management is apparently tired of overstuffed burritos and has enlisted the help of 3D printing startup Voodoo Manufacturing to develop a new, consistent serving spoon.

Essentially, Chipotle wants a standardized amount of beans, rice, guacamole, and Sofritas being doled out, an unfortunate development for those of us who have friends who hook it up at Chipotle.

The Observer describes Chipotle’s new vision below:

“We went through 30 different prototypes with them. They’d send us a file the night before and we’d have it to them the next morning,” 23-year-old Max Friefeld, co-founder of Voodoo Manufacturing, told the Observer.

I always thought 3D printing would lead to awesome advancements in technology and here it is ruining my day with engineered portion control.

Sigh… Thanks a lot, 3D printing.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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