3 Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry That Are Still Worth Pursuing

By: | January 18th, 2023

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Oil and gas still fuel our industries and warm our homes, but the world’s dependence on fossil fuels will shrink in the future. So, is it worth it to invest in a career that may not be as popular by the time you graduate?

Well, the predictions don’t show any drop in jobs in the oil and gas industry in the near future. The demand for specialists is high, and the pay is more than good. Plus, there is a high chance that you’ll get to work offshore. Not to mention that some of the skills you develop are transferable, so it will be easier to change your career path. 

However, like in any industry, some jobs are better than others. So, if you want to make sure you’ll land a great-paying position that’s also interesting, here are some career paths to follow.

Research and Development Careers

The oil and gas industry is always among the top innovators worldwide because Research and Development (R&D) plays a huge role. In order to find the best extraction and processing methods, oil and gas companies need highly specialized professionals such as geochemists, geophysicists, or geoscientists. 

Of course, these are not the only available positions in R&D since there are plenty of engineers, chemists, and scientists involved in the process of producing oil and gas. Still, in order to be able to land a high-paying job, you often must follow an academic path. Also, you need a bit of experience and proven results before you can think about asking for a raise. 

However, as things start to shift towards regenerative energy sources, there will be new jobs for highly trained professionals. So keep an eye on this evolution and make sure your skill set is up to date.

Oil and Gas Production Careers

The oil and gas production sector includes the people that work in the field or in production plants. The jobs often have a higher level of risk, and you may be relocated quite often, depending on your career plans and employer. 

Overall, there are plenty of oil and gas career opportunities, even as a beginner, but you’ll need extensive training since most of these positions involve working with advanced complex technologies and machines.

Some of the best-paying jobs in this area are drilling consultant, gas plant operator, petroleum geologist, or petroleum engineer (to name a few). The high salary may not come from the first few months of years, especially if you lack experience, but these are positions with plenty of growth potential if you work hard and bring in results.

Environmental Advising

The extraction and processing of fossil fuels raise huge environmental concerns because this type of operation disrupts the natural environment. Also, we can’t forget about oil spills, which happen quite often and produce ecological disasters.

This is why companies in the oil and gas industry hire environmental advisors and managers to oversee the operations. Their job is to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and use their expertise to help minimize the risks. 

Also, as an environmental manager, you have to investigate the extraction methods on-site and measure the impact the ongoing operation has on the environment. Also, they are tasked with checking the safety and procedures of said operations to keep the operation as environmentally friendly as possible.

In Summary

For now, there are plenty of job opportunities in the oil and gas industry. However, if you want a well-paid job, you need superior studies and a bit of experience under your belt. The jobs range from low-skilled workers to highly specialized positions, so you can enter the field at any level you feel comfortable. But it takes a lot of hard work to climb the ladder to the top.


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