Chinese Solar Firm is Going to Build a Solar Plant in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone

By: | December 18th, 2016

Entrance to the Exclusion Zone. (Image courtesy Wikimedia)

Two Chinese energy firms are planning to construct a solar power plant in the area around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, which suffered a powerful explosion in 1986. This area has been abandoned since that accident took place.

This restricted area is exceptionally large, covering about 1,000 square miles (2,600 square km) of space in Ukraine’s Kiev and Zhytomyr regions.

GCL System Integration Technology (GCL-SI), a subsidiary of the GCL Group, and China National Complete Engineering Corp (CCEC) are planning to work together to create a solar power plant in this abandoned area. While GCL plans to install the solar components, CCEC will be in charge of managing the project.

This plant is expected to generate over one gigawatt of power which is sufficient to provide power to about 725,000 homes.

Shu Hua, the chairman of GCL-SI, said, “There will be remarkable social benefits and economic ones as we try to renovate the once damaged area with green and renewable energy.”

GCL-SI management assured that the project will be safe for workers. “Ukraine has passed a law allowing the site to be developed for agriculture and other things, so that means (the radiation) is under control.”

Nidhi Goyal

Nidhi is a gold medalist Post Graduate in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

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