China’s Transit Elevated Bus Literally Straddles Traffic In an Effort to Curb Congestion

By: | August 7th, 2016

A bus that literally straddles traffic can’t be real right? You could only see something like this in a sci-fi flick?

Wrong. China’s Transit Elevated Bus, AKA the TEB-1, is looking to curb China’s congested roads by rolling along above traffic.

The Transit Elevated Bus isn’t merely an idea either, as it actually embarked on its first test ride a few days ago in the northeastern city of Qinhuangdao, in the Hebei province.

At 16-feet tall, 7 feet of space underneath, 72-feet long, and 25-feet wide, the bus is a sight to behold.

Not to mention, the Transit Elevated Bus can transport upwards of 300 passengers and features massive spanning windows for what I’m sure provides glorious views for riders.

However, the TEB-1 can’t simply glide along any street as it needs to follow tracks embedded into specific roads, similar to how a light rail or subway works.

The designer of the bus, Song Youzhou, says Nanyang, Qinhuangdao, Shenyang, Tianjin, and Zhoukou have all signed on for pilot projects with his TEB Technology Development Company.

Hopefully, the tests go smoothly because I’m all for a Transit Elevated Bus here in the states!





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