Can A Revolutionary New Gas Eliminate All The World’s Pollution?

By: | July 31st, 2013

Revolutionary Technology To Make Fossil Fuels “Climate Neutral”

A company called HydroInfra Technolgies (HIT) based in Stockholm, Sweden has created a new patented “scrubber” process that will drastically reduce pollutants emitted by the world’s 60,000 coal and oil fired power plants thus solving the world’s fossil fuel emissions conundrum.

Emission smoke is cross blended with “HydroAtomic Nano Gas” (HNG) in the chimney stack and a catalytic reaction occurs reducing smoke particles, NOX and CO2 to almost zero. This process occurs without burning.

How HydroAtomic Nano Gas Works

HydroInfra’s new process splits water molecules using low energy producing “Exotic Hydrogen.” HNG displays some very different properties from normal hydrogen. HNG instantly neutralizes carbon fuel pollution emissions, can be pressurized up to 2 bars, and combusts at a rate of 9,000 meters per second in contract to normal Hydrogen which combusts at a rate 600 meters per second. Oxygen values actually increase when HNG is inserted into a diesel flame.

The Price Of A Clean & Sustainable Future

For a mere $1 trillion, fossil fuel power plants across the world could be fitted with this technology, virtually eliminating CO2 and noxious pollutant emissions.

HNG Technology Independently Tested & Confirmed

Hydroinfra’s technology has been independently tested by industry experts and results were reproduced and confirmed. For more information on HNG and a summary of test results see the “Verification Report of HNG-Scrubber Process.” A private investor memorandum can be found here.

David Russell Schilling

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