Build Your Own Sportscar for Just $30,000

By: | December 23rd, 2013

Canadian compnay Dubuc Super Light Car has invented a kit car poised to rival high-performing sports cars … all at an affordable price of $30,000. The car is called the Tomahawk and will debut in 2014.

The catch?

You have to build the Tomahawk yourself, which Dubuc estimates will take more than 250 hours to complete. The basic package costs $19,995, which consists of a complete rustproof body and frame, requiring only the installation of mechanical components.

Tomahawk Features:

  • 300 pound aluminum monocoque frame (bonded and bolted)
  • Lightweight polymer body
  • Custom two-seater cabin
  • Steering wheel support
  • Pre-pierced holes for wires and hoses

Complete Kit Features:

  • DOT-approved windshield
  • Transparent targa roof
  • Side mirrors
  • Doors that open at a 75-degree angle

The Tomahawk will weigh approximately 2,000 pounds upon completion, comparable to many sports cars on the market today. Dubuc is currently designing an electric drive system that will aid in helping consumers save money on gas.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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