Budget Ideas To Modify Your Car For Making It An Eco-Friendly Vehicle

By: | May 13th, 2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Automobiles and eco-friendliness seldom go hand in hand unless you switch to a hybrid or electric model. However, this is not something everyone can afford.

Experts recommend that some changes in your vehicle’s anatomy and care routine, coupled with changes in driving habits, can make all the difference. You can expect to cut down your vehicle’s carbon footprint and make it eco-friendly to the core. And you need not spend a fortune to buy sustainability; rather adopting some budget-friendly ideas is enough to get the vehicle revving up smartly.

Here are some cost-effective measures you can implement.

Top up under-inflated tires

If your car seems to be working too hard and burning too much fuel, something as basic as low tire pressure may be at fault.

Compared to fully inflated tires, under-inflated ones do not role efficiently and your engine needs to work way harder to get them moving. Maintaining correct tire pressure is perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to boost your fuel economy.

Further, optimally filled tires last longer, which means that the number of tires going into landfills reduces if you pay attention to their pressure factor.

Get regular tune-ups

Regular tune-ups for your car enhance its longevity, fuel economy, and reliability. Timely oil changes are mandatory as oil gets more viscous over time, which makes it harder for engine components to move properly. Timely replacement of oil offers fresh lubrication and reduces resistance, thus improving performance and efficiency. This is something you can easily do by using an Autozone flyer and picking Mobil oil on discounts for your car.  And you can explore online ads to find more out about deals, sales and offers to get car care products at best prices. 

Fix the fuel system

If one of your fuel system components such as the filter, injectors, or pump, is faulty, you are most likely to experience reduced fuel efficiency. This will increase the car’s carbon footprint as well. Changing the air filter frequently is a part of reduced fuel efficiency and keeps the vehicle performing efficiently while having minimal impact on the environment. While this is something you may do yourself, getting a professional check-up for the vehicle is essential if you can smell fuel.

Use eco-friendly cleaning products

Besides maintaining your vehicle in a good condition, another way to make it eco-friendly is by sticking to sustainable cleaners. Double-check when you buy car cleaners products at stores because they cost almost the same as non-green ones but are much better from the eco-perspective. Moreover, you can economize the purchase by checking a deal flyer or circular online.

Remove extra weight

A surprisingly easy way to make your car eco-friendly is by removing all the extra weight it carries. Get rid of any extra stuff that may be unnecessarily increasing the load. Surprisingly, this move costs nothing but can make a lot of difference to the fuel economy as well. This means that you end up saving on fuel costs as well, so you end up saving more than you may think.

Apart from taking these small measures, you should also drive smartly. Avoid aggressive driving as it burns more fuel than necessary. Also, choose the shortest route and avoid heavy traffic to prevent engine idling. Just put these measures into action and you will see the difference!

Author Bio: George C. is the new head of Outreach Monks editorial team. With years of experience in content and a keen interest in technology & business, he propels true ideas for helping his readers with his knowledge.


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