Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS Robot Is Now Faster, Stronger, & Quieter Thanks to a Major Overhaul

By: | January 21st, 2015

Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS robot has been a major topic of discussion ever since the original version first appeared on the Internet.

Now, ATLAS is even more advanced because 75% of it was redesigned in order to make the robot faster, stronger, quieter, and most importantly, less constricted by cables hanging all around as it tries to function.

If you are wondering where all the cables went, ATLAS now sports a battery-filled backpack that keeps it powered. Also, the robot received a smaller and more efficient onboard hydraulic pump to enable it to move more swiftly.

In fact, the updates to ATLAS were so thorough that only the lower legs and feet remain from the original design. With Google helping fund the development of ATLAS, don’t expect the improvements to slow down anytime soon.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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