BMW Targets China for E-Car Growth

By: | June 19th, 2014

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

China’s electric car market is growing extensively and major car manufacturers are starting to fully realize this, namely BMW, according to Bloomberg.

Karsten Engel, the head of BMW China, said that China will become the biggest market for electric cars in the world by 2019.

Already the country, with its huge population, has seen a growth in charge points, mostly established by Chinese power company State Grid. Meanwhile, Tesla is promising a further roll out its cars and charge points in China in the future.

“We expect that the Chinese car market for electro-mobility will become the largest markets for those cars in a few years,” said Karsten Engel at an event in Shanghai. “Because you have supply now, there are cars coming on the market. We are coming with ours, others are coming as well.”

BMW isn’t alone in taking advantage of the greener energy market with Volkswagen seeing potential also for electric cars in China, which is already the largest auto market in the world. BMW plans to start selling its i8 and i3 models in China soon.

Jonathan Keane

Irish journalist writing on business, tech and engineering.


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